Return cell value to sheet name

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Return cell value to sheet name

/ / Retrieve the value of a cell given a file name, sheet name, / / address name. Want to use Excel to reference cell in another sheet based on cell value? The Excel CELL function returns information about a cell in a worksheet. Hello, I have an Excel workbook with multiple sheetsand I want to have a separate " lookup" sheet. So in sheet 2 if a site name in coulomb B matches a site name in sheet 1 coulomb A, return the value from a specific cell in the same row as where the names matched. The following is the complete GetCellValue code sample in C# and Visual Basic. A1 is A2 in other sheet.
I would like to look across all sheets that are not hidden and return all of the sheet. Return to Excel see what happens, if the codes are correct now the name of each sheet is renamed in accordance with the value existing sales name on each sheet. Excel Tips - Function to return the worksheet name Submitted by Nick on 8 March Excel Tips, There isn' t a single function to return the sheet name, : 27 Excel Experts but you can use a combination of functions to get at it. I will input the company name from a drop down and all. while i have different cell locations i. Is there a formula I can use to return a worksheet name. lookup_ array - a range of cells being searched.

then go to the sheet with that name, then return the data that is referenced in. You can define a name to refer to a range whose size varies depending on its contents. Sheet 1 A B 1 Adam 4 2 Dave 4 3 Steve 3 4 Ryan 4. Return cell value to sheet name. into separate column cells. it will refer to it own cell address name but in sheet 001. The big advantage to using a custom VBA function is that we can opt to have the Worksheet name surrounded by both ' and '! The " month" tabs of the worksheet contain a table that looks like this: The VLOOKUP formulas on the summary tab lookup extract data from the month tabs by creating a dynamic reference to the sheet name for each month.

How this formula works. I want cell A1 on Sheet1 to = the name of Sheet2. The type of information to be returned is specified as info_ type. If the value in range A1: A5 = other sheet name Then return cell value of column B in that other sheet name Thank you in advance. These return the name of the Parent sheet. Return cell value to sheet name. lookup_ value - this is the number or text you are looking for.

This can be a value a cell reference logical value. ; match_ type - this parameter tells the MATCH function whether you want to return an exact match or the nearest match:. The video offers a short tutorial on Excel on how to dynamically change the sheet name in Excel as per the cell value using VBA. Hopefully usefull. CELL can get things like address return filename as well as detailed info about the formatting used in the cell. LibXL is a C+ + library for direct reading and writing of Excel files ( xls) without OLE automation.
LibXL online documentation: Sheet class reference. the return is a text value. Return an Excel Worksheet Name to a Cell VBA We also use an Excel VBA custom function ( user defined function) to return the name of an Excel Worksheet. I am looking to list all values of a cell that match a criteria. INDIRECT( ADDRESS( ROW( ) 1, COLUMN( ) " SHEET 001" ) ) This formula works as special cell reference. Actually maybe what I need is a way to re- write the formula to return the 2nd sheet the value/ name appears in the 3rd sheet ( as opposed to value the first sheet in which the value appears). microsoft- excel microsoft- excel-. I am trying to help my boss setup an excel sheet but I am not too familiar. For example, you may want a range name that refers only to the portion of a list of numbers that are not blank.

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CELL will return the name in this format: path [ workbook. xlsx ] sheetname Note that you. Get workbook name and path without sheet. If you want to get the current workbook' s full name and path without a sheet name, you can use a formula that employs several text functions to strip off the sheet name. The mixed reference C$ 4 refers to the column headings in row 4, which match sheet names in the workbook ( i.

return cell value to sheet name

" Jan", " Feb", " Mar" ). A single quote character is joined to either side of C$ 4 using the concatenation operator ( & ).